Tracy Leparulo
Tracy Leparulo
Head of Marketing

Top Woman in Blockchain and NFT Pioneer Tracy Leparulo joins Zytara as company expands to NFTs for Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment

Zytara has appointed Tracy Leparulo as Head of Marketing, bringing with her years of marketing experience in the fintech industry, including with cryptocurrencies and NFT platforms. Since 2013 Tracy Leparulo has been at the forefront of building communities for leading blockchain projects including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polymath.

Tracy has been contributing to the growth of the NFT ecosystem since its inception. In 2017 she organized Ethereum’s largest Hackathon ETH Waterloo, where Cryptokitties launched while also witnessing their NFT’s crash the Ethereum Network. “I’ve experienced first-hand the importance of ensuring NFT’s are built on the best infrastructure, to make them accessible to everyone without large transaction fees or harming the network.” stated Tracy. “At Zytara we work with brands to select a combinations of blockchains, marketplaces, and technology solutions for their NFTs.”

In 2014, Tracy organized Canada’sfirst Bitcoin Expo which included the world’s first Bitcoin Art Exhibit. Since then she has hosted dozens of artists to showcase and auction their artwork both physically and digitally as NFTs. “From early on, artists have always seen the power of NFTs to provide authenticity. I’ve been fortunate to work with many talented artists providing free gallery space, helping new artists create NFTs, coordinating auctions, and displaying NFTs at live events. NFTs started as a grassroots movement and I’m excited to work with Zytara to help major artists and brands utilize the power of NFTs. ” stated Leparulo.

As an advisor to the DigitalBits project since its launch in 2017, Tracy Leparulo has focused on bridging the gap between blockchain technology and big brands. In 2018 she organized the DigitalBits Blockchain Loyalty Conference providing education to big brands like Walmart, McDonalds, and TD Bank among others in attendence. “Navigating the blockchain ecosystem can be confusing and intimidating for anyone, especially big brands. That is why I’m excited for Zytara to help mainstream brands navigate and utilize blockchain technology seamlessly.”

Tracy is also no stranger to NFTs in Gaming and eSports. Her experience ranging from NFT in-game skins, NFT gaming tournaments, NFT metaverses like Decentraland, and implementing creative NFT marketing campaigns for giveaways, tickets, and access passes. Tracy states “NFTs were born out of the gaming industry, and we’ve only scratched the surface of their impact. This is what I’m most excited about at Zytara, to bring the future of digital banking to gamers. We are building a banking platform and payments network that supports all digital assets including cash, crypto, NFTs, and branded stablecoins including ZUSD.”

Tracy concludes by stating “I’ve dedicated my career to bringing blockchain technology to a mainstream audience through education, and community building. For blockchain technology to reach the masses, big brands including influencers, corporations, artists, and celebrities must adopt blockchain and make it simple and frictionless for the general public, and that is what Zytara is doing.”

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