Matt Mahvi

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Mahvi is a successful serial-entrepreneur and cyber security pioneer. He began operating in the field at the age of 12 and started his first company at 15. In 2005, he founded Staminus, a cyber security company, added nearly 100 brand-name customers from government to Fortune 500, protected about 1% of the Internet, aided domestic law enforcement agencies.  He has three cyber security patents and has personally been involved in stopping more than 3.5 million individual attacks. Under Matt’s leadership, Staminus was acquired in 2016 by Stackpath.  Matt has since invested in multiple companies and co-founded teli communications.

As a technical executive, Matt has extensive experience designing and operating technology infrastructure and software platforms at a global scale.  He has written several well-received articles, publicly presented at conferences, sat on several cyber security panels at renowned events, traveled to more than 45 countries, is active in charitable causes benefiting the education of young women.